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Invest with as low as UGX 100,000

  • Incredibly Fantastic Monthly Returns
  • Secured and Vetted Loans
  • Choose your Favorable Tenure
  • Quick Loan of up to 80% of the investment
  • Sell your Investment Anytime

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Interest rates as low as 4%

Simplified and personalized loan products to enable you grow.

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In the mortgage industry, early adopters of document automation technologies were underwhelmed with the results of their investment. The latest advancements in AI can cut the lengthy mortgage origination cycle significantly and reduce errors.

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Our typical loan interest rates range between 3% to 7% monthly depending on the amount borrowed and the tenure period. Our rates are flexible, negotiable and client centered.

Yes we offer salary loans. Our payroll loan product targets civil servants and employees working in private companies.

With the exception of salary loans, all our loans must be backed by a security guarantee valued at 50% of the required loan amount.

Generally most loan collateral is accepted. Land titles, logbooks, machinery and more.

Our lending amounts range from UGX 1,000,000 to UGX 400,000,000 or even higher depending the borrowers profile and credit rating.

For as low as UGX 10,000 you could become an investor at Afroteller. The maximum investment amount is open.

Individual investors  determined the loan products they wish to invest in from the various individual investment listings. Institutional investors negotiate interest rates and invest a block amount for a specific period. Institutional investors are attached to special account managers. They may include organisations, companies, SACCOs, established individuals and other businesses.

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