P2P Lending Risk Management

Generally speaking, the higher the interest rate someone will pay, the higher the risk

What are the risks involved in investing at Afroteller?

The interest rates on P2P lending are typically higher than those available from traditional savings accounts. Generally speaking, the higher the interest rate someone will pay, the higher the risk that they will be unable to repay the loan.

Our risk management department is always very determined to ensure your money is safe. We keep our loan interest rates low at Afroteller and minimise risks by ensuring every loan is secured and thoroughly doing all necessary due diligence processes. We keep a percentage of every amount repaid by borrowers on a special account for purposes of cautioning risk in instances were the borrower fails to pay. All our loans are credit checked by Metropol Uganda Limited a Credit Reference Bureau regulated by Bank of Uganda.

Across your entire portfolio of the accounts we advise you spread your money across lots of loans. This is the absolute central pillar in good lending risk management. The impact of breaking your money into small parts like that is simply incredible. Spreading your money across dozens of prime property loans, or hundreds of small personal or business loans, reduces the risk of suffering severe losses from bad debts to a minuscule fraction of the risk compared to lending to just one borrower.

Jonathan Yawe

Jonathan Yawe

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