Mortgage Loan

This is a medium-to-long term housing finance product targeting salary earners as well as economically active rural and urban low, middle and high regular income earners engaged in self-employment. The loan can be used for the purpose of financing housing needs through purchase, construction or completion.


  • Short and straight forward processing within seven working days
  • Comparatively low interest
  • No monitoring fees charged
  • Long loan periods of up to 10 years
  • Flexible repayment plan
  • Helps the borrower acquire their residential houses or additional houses for personal / family income


  • Completed online application
  • Payment of mortgage processing fees
  • Financial card
  • Residence within the bank’s area of operation
  • Eligible adult should not be more than 55 years at the time of application
  • Existence of verifiable source(s) of income
  • Borrower’s contribution of at least 30% of the total housing project cost
  • Proof of property ownership – genuine land title or copy of certificate of title for the property to be purchased or developed
  • Valid identity documents
  • Most recent passport photos (2)
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the house in the case of construction
  • Approved architectural design for the house in case of construction
  • Loan to value ratio of at most 80%.
  • Eligible property – single family and multi-unit homes